LOVE GOD. LOve People. 

PUrsue Excellence. 

Worship is a response to what God is doing in our lives. The passion of our worship team is to lead people as they worship.

Love God

We are passionate about loving God. We exist to serve Him.


We desire relationships and have a genuine love for people. 


We grow and develop as worshippers and also in our talents.


We are excited that you are interested in serving in the worship ministry at Powerline Church. We have a 3 step audition process.


Read through the expectations of a worship team member at the bottom of this webpage and complete the application.


Our Worship Pastor, Caleb, will contact you about an audition. Singers and musicians will audition performing one song of Pastor Caleb's choosing and one song of their own choosing from any genre. 


Applicants chosen to move forward after their audition will be placed on a three month probationary period wherein they will be placed in the rotation for Sunday morning worship. Applicants moving forward after their three month trial period will be given one year to enroll in Powerline's discipleship program, Rooted. 


There is a difference between perfection and excellence. Excellence means being prepared by practicing the music before midweek rehearsal and showing up on time (which means coming early to setup your equipment). The scheduled team will be at church, gear in place, set up, tuned, and warmed up by start of rehearsal.


The worship team has regular practices each Thursday night and a sound check and rehearsal Sunday mornings. Attendance at these is required including sound, lighting, and visual media as well as platform musicians. If a conflict comes up, please make arrangements with the worship pastor to rehearse at a separate time. If circumstances make it impossible for you to be prompt for rehearsals or to attend services, please prayerfully consider if serving on the worship team is right for you at this time in your life. 


• Midweek rehearsal is not the time to learn your musical/vocal part. We know and understand that we honor and respect one another by coming to rehearsal prepared, knowing our individual parts, ready to bring it together as a team. 

• Be prepared to stay for the entire rehearsal (typically 90 minutes). If you know that you might need to leave early, please let the worship pastor know. 

• Pastor Caleb will make himself accessible ahead of time to address any concerns or answer any questions regarding parts, arrangements, keys, etc. 


• At Home Practice 1-3 hours

• Midweek Rehearsal 7:00-8:30PM

• Sunday Morning 8:30AM-12:00 PM

 (Practice 8:30-9:45AM/Church 11:00AM-12:00PM)