serving those in need

The Nurses Outreach Ministry (NOM) is a compassionate ministry based on Faith Community Nursing (FCN). Faith Community Nursing engages wholistic nursing care focusing on wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Faith Community Nurses serve their church and community. How that service occurs varies depending on the needs of the church and community. Powerline is fortunate to be able to partner with the Cone Health Congregational Nurse program. The Cone program has provided education and support to the Nurses Outreach Ministry. The NOM has great potential for a positive impact on the community we live in and serve. 

Recently, Nurses Outreach Ministry has been collaborating with Freedom’s Hope, a local ministry, to reach out to the under-served in our community. We have been assisting with a Nurses Clinic established by Freedom’s Hope at Allied Churches Homeless Shelter on Tuesday evenings. We monitor blood pressures, blood sugars, assess healthcare needs, and help connect people with healthcare and mental health resources.